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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Which is better out of internet marketing and network marketing?

Which is better out of internet marketing and network marketing?

Can you make more money from network marketing or traditional affiliate and internet marketing?

I personally like to combine the two. I use internet marketing strategies as part of a network marketing business model to generate some $1,000 pay days as part of the $1K A Day Internet Network Marketing System.

Here are my thoughts when comparing internet marketing and network marketing/MLM:

* Work Together - With network marketing you are working together to both make money. With internet marketing you are selling a one-off product that you own as a product owner or affiliate. When you sell a one-off training ebook, many people do not take action on these training ebooks in order to get results so by having in your network marketing team is a good way to work directly together to keep each other on track. But with internet network marketing it is in the best interests of your sponsor to help your succeed so they will get pass-up sales from you so you can be sure that the strategies they recommend do actually work.

* Residual Income - I like to focus on a residual income whether that be via affiliate or network marketing. So promoting recurring affiliate products or affiliate programs that have a life-time affiliate commission on the backend are what I look out for. Network marketing on the internet by nature creates a residual income because you receive commissions from your team members without doing anything yourself.

* High Ticket Items - With internet marketing many people focus on selling really cheap ebooks for $10 to $97. But you need lots of these products and a big list and lots of JV partners to make money from products at that low price range (yes, $97 is a low ticket price range). But many internet network marketing companies will give you high ticket products to sell that pay out commissions in the thousands of dollars and this can be far more lucrative for people who are good at developing relationships with people. It depends on what works best for you know and your audience. Conversions will be higher for low ticket items, but just a few high ticket sales can be very profitable.

I don't think one is better than the other. It depends on how you like to market.

I like to combine the two to get the best of both worlds (and some nice $1,000 pay days every now and again!).

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