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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The 6 steps to get your youtube video on top!

Hi everybody!

I wanted to share some insanley useful information for making great money on Youtube. 

If you haven't already, Check out Tony W's thread. I've used a similar method with a few twists here and there over the past year to create a substantiol and very hands free income. 

Make sure you read this completely, it may just save you buying a WSO or two.

So get ready! This guide will be extremely basic but thorough.

1. Titles

It's very important to put your main keyword and alternate phrases of your keyword in the video title.

Example - If I wanted to rank for "Apple Peelers", I would make the title something like "My Apple Peeler review - How it Peels Apples and If it works - Apple Peeler review video".

Now obviously a title like that is geared towards ranking for a specific term. Titles like that won't work for a video you're trying to make it viral, but it works great for product reviews and ranking.

2. Descriptions

For best clickthrough, put the link to your site or offer in the top 1 or 2 lines.

It's great to have at least a bit of your keyword in your domain/link if you can. It adds extra relevancy to your video, thus helps ranking. Make sure it's clickable too!

I usually add a second clickable link at the bottom as well.
For the actual meat of the description, keywords should be spread out much like you would for an article. Make sure it's human readable, between 100 - 500 words, and fairly dense with the keywords you're targetting.
You don't nescessarily have to make it human readable, but if you don't be aware if it's flagged a few times it's going down.

Avoid having 20 videos with the same description for the same reason. It still works in ranking terms, but it comes across as spammy.

3. Tags

Always put your main keyword and keyword variations in the tags. Very, very important. I can't stress that enough.

We're ranking for relevancy, so keep the variations simple. The more the keyword shows up the better, so you want allot of variations in the tags and descriptions.

Don't put a million tags just because you can. Keep them targetted. 


"Apple peelers" "Apple peeler review" "Apple peeler results" 


"Apple Peeler" "Apple cider" "Apple pie" "What is an Apple" etc..

Make sure you put your tags in quotations or duplicate words will be automatically removed.

4. Custom Youtube Comments

This is HUGE. One of the most underrated secrets that's not shared. Fiverr has a few jobs that do this. Simple stuff, make sure all or most comments include your main keyword or variations. Keep in human obviously, or else your conversions will go way down and your video will look like spam. Comments have a huge impact on youtube ranking.

If possible, add new comments frequently if your video doesn't get comments naturally after you rank it. It will solidify and help your rankings.

5. Youtube Views

Let me explain the difference between proper view methods and just views. Spamming your video instantly with mass views can help, but really, you don't need allot of views to rank. 

We want Youtube to think our video is relevant, so when people watch our video we want a HIGH RETENTION RATE. This means at least 60% of the video length. If your keyword relevancy is high and your video has a high retention rate, Youtube will push your video up because people are obviously interested in your content.

Buying views is fine, big partners do it, Youtube knows you need a boost to be seen these days. But stay away from fiverr for views, they tend to have very low retention rates and many still use mobile views which actually hurts your ranking (and there's a ton of fake/scam youtube providers there). 

6. Subscribers

Another secret - When people sub to your channel, relevancy means nothing. When people sub via your video, it builds huge ranking based on the audience. When people subscribe through your video it means your content is exactly what they wanted. 

Thus relevancy of your comments, description, and title plus subscribers makes your video important! It looks like people like your content! So youtube see's this and thinks - WOW - this is what people want! Let's put it at #1!

All right! Now you know the secrets of ranking videos. It's not crazy rocket science, it's straight forward and it works!

So share your thoughts/comments if you have anything to add. If you found this was helpful post thanks is nice!

Now take your newfound knowledge and rank some videos!!

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