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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

My network marketing tips

My network marketing tips always evolve around encouraging others to do network marketing over the internet to take their business to the next level.

It is referred to as "internet network marketing" and is basically a combination of internet marketing methods used in conjuction with a network marketing compensation plan.

It is this sytem that I have used to generate a few $1,000 days as part of the $1K A Day Marketing System.

Here are my network marketing tips for how to do network marketing over the internet:

* Free Content Syndication - I am a big fan of building up a stream of free network marketing leads with free content creation and syndication. Free content is an evergreen method of traffic as it remains out there on the internet for people to find for years to come. Blogging is an excellent internet marketing strategy for today. The more blog posts you have around your keywords the more traffic you will see coming in. In addition to blogging I like to do article marketing, YouTube video marketing, online press releases, document sharing, and Web 2.0 site creation. Craigslist classified ads are another option.

* Paid Advertising For Network Marketing Leads - When you reinvest part of your profits into paid advertising then this is where the power of the internet truly is. I recommend that you have a low cost front end offer product that allows you to break even on your paid advertising insantly so then you can really scale it up and funnel the leads into your network marketing business. When you have got to the stage of always breaking even at the front end then you will not be paying money for will be printing money!

* Internet Marketing Training Courses - It is important to invest in your internet marketing training. The internet is always evolving and you need to stay on top of the methods that work best today. The internet marketing training products that I would recommend are the ones that are best on increasing web traffic and getting leads. That is the foundation of my network marketing tips: to do the marketing that gets web trafficand generates leads and not to get caught up with the complicated "secret" strategies or "magical loopholes".

To take advantage of these network marketing tips for how to do network marketing over the internet I highly recommend the following..

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