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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

7 ways to a Massive Audience With Social Traffic

7 Ways To Grow a Massive Audience With Social Traffic
Millions of people are using social websites everyday.  How do you get those people to become
part of your audience?  Here are 6 simple ways to grow your audience using social traffic.
1.  Follow other people and they will follow you.  Look for people that are interested in same
types of things you are talking about and follow them.  Many of them will recognize you and
follow you back.
2.  Share content from other members.  When someone sees you share their content they make
note of who you are.  If you continue to share their content, they will become curious and are
likely to reciprocate.
3.  Offer valuable content for free.  Understand your audience and offer them useful content for
free.  They will thank you for it and share it.
4.  Use an email list to build relationships.  It is good to make contact with people on social
networks, but you want to engage them and allow them to engage you on a platform outside of
any third party website.  An email list is a great way for you to stay in contact with them.
5.  Put email sign up forms in strategic places on your website.  Use designated landing pages
whenever possible to allow them to sign up.
6.  Offer them something of greater value than your initial free offer that will compel them to sign
up for your email list.  Once they are signed up deliver meaningful, valuable content to them.
7.  Ask your audience to share your content on their favorite social networks.  If you have done
your job correctly, they will be more  than happy to share it.

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