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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Importance Of A Sales Funnel In Place

When you buy solo ads it is important to have a one time offer in place to help recoup part of the initial advertising costs.

This one time offer is not your primary product and will hardly make you any money but if you get to the stage of breaking even after each paid solo ad with your one time offer then you are basically building your email list and generating leads for free and you can really scale it out.

I recommend having a proven sales funnel in place with a low cost front end, and high ticket back end products.

It is what I do as part of the $1K A Day Marketing System.

Here are my solo ads one time offer (OTO) ideas:

* Ultra Low Cost - I think the one time offer should be very low cost such as $5 to $7 and be something of extremely high value that it is almost a "no brainer" to buy. You can get very high conversions that way.

MRR Products - It is a good idea to create your own product and put your own individuality into it, but if you dont have your own product then a MRR Product is an option. This is where you buy resell rights to an existing product and you often get a sales page to go with it. But don't use typical rehashed PLR and low need to provide value.

* Resell Rights - If you are in the internet marketng nice then passing on master resell rights or PLR rights to your product is a great way to make sales. So in addition to people being able to use your product to get value from, they can also resell it for a profit.

Squeeze pages, graphics packs, PLR ebook packs etc, software etc also tend to go down quite well.

* Upsell Funnel - It is a good idea to have an upsell when someone wants to purchase the one time offer. So you can increase the price a little bit but given so much more value in the product. So you could sell squeeze page templates for $7 and the upsell could be 3 times the amount of templates, plus resell rights for $17 or something.

A proven one time offer and upsell product (even a downsell) is a great idea to instantly make back the money from solo ads so that you can build your email list for free.

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