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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Twitter the guide to millions!

The basic rule of Twitter is all about first of all:
You are writing content that is even interesting enough to read, too. there are
certainly exceptions, but especially in social media for companies interested
There a very few, if the coffee or the postman on strike again three times
Has taken minutes before the lunch break for ten packets.
The design of Twitter:
Known to eat with the eye, which, of course, and especially on the Internet. you can
even the best texts published when designing a website is not about
fits, possibly a deterrent effect, because a creative designer has dared to new shores.
The design of a website, and this is also a Twitter page decision,
sometimes if you get followers and keep them to it. For what would
Do you think when a company for perfume and a black side with coffins
Would cross.
So make sure that you use friendly colors and themes and
possible tie to your corporate design. Not only that your readers to
to satisfy even the brand recognition effect is guaranteed.
Short description:
Do not stop with the information behind the mountain. Enter a brief description
Your company's cost and try to short, but detailed
Rates, which benefit your readers have of it regularly according to your Twits to
. look Of course you can also make a short note about the author or the author
. publish This can often facilitate the vision and the interested reader a
Picture of Twitterers do.

As we start at the top?
Now, before you have completed the task to inspire followers to our site, you should
ever thought to do, what information can I provide to my readers.
Please write first 10-15 tweets to have a certain basis.
You want, after all, that the follower can begin to input when your
Page selection. A blank page will leave quickly and be forgotten, as
a source of information that leaves you wanting more.
Follow me / follow you:
What is Twitter followers without? Boring! See? And just as you think
"I need followers ...", think also of course the other twitterers.
Looking now to follow topics relevant Twitterers whom you. Why, I declare
in a moment. You might ask, how to do that, that even
Relevant topics and messages is to follow the twitterers.
For one offer website owners a button on your page, with which there is a
Easy is to follow them. Have you found a topic or a web page for
It is of interest, please follow here before.
Http:// on the side you have the option of using a search box
enter a term that is relevant to you and what you would like information on
want to read. About the Advanced Search feature you also have the opportunity
To search the messages are written in a different language - we choose
German course first.
If you have found and now users contributions that are of interest to you, follow
The writers and to build on as your own follow list. Why bother?
It's simple. Meanwhile, it has established itself, if one follows Twitteren, a
have some amount of followers, confirm with your part to FOLLOW
Them. This way, you should do it. Initially, if you do not have many followers
, take a look now and then to see who follows you. Evt. Do you even like the
Others to follow.
Another positive effect, if one follows the other, is simply that one of
Information arrives, which are for a self-interest and the other one has
Cannon fodder that you can retweet. Thus the original author reaches more readers
and possibly more followers.

Be active:
Being active does not hang for 24 hours on the net and thousands of messages to
. twitter
Being active means tweeting regular and consistent information, which
Should address the target group.
Being active means continue to communicate with other users. certainly have
You already found for the one or the other topic where you can search for users,
where you can follow. Tweets often come into question, which may related topics
or be general. In any case, you should respond to it and if you have something
Constructive have to contribute, please do not reply to the tweet.
Sooner or later you will be perceived by those contributions, and more also come to other followers.
To make you aware in Twitter:
Clear who you should follow on Twitter, if nobody knows that you are active on Twitter
are? So it's more important to draw on its Twitter presence.
You probably already run a website, a blog or an online shop. (?)
This of course is the best advertising space to make note that your
Website visitors can find you on Twitter. There are already some pre-
Graphics in the style FOLLOW ME. This will be certainly known and even your
Customers will click on the button with joy.
To create incentives to be a follower:
Create incentives for your readers, so you are not forgotten and
be visited regularly. Contests, free and discount offers here are the
Best way to bind the follower. Provide periodic
Discounts, the same can be seen only for Twitter followers are. In an online shop
For example, you can find a coupon code even how effective your
Action was or is, since only know the Twitter Follower the coupon code.

The well-known hash - # - takes on Twitter application. Before a keyword
set allows the Twitter users using the search function to find posts that the
word you are looking included.
"Follow me, not only for Twitter, but visit me also at
# facebook and click the Like button "
Now if you pressed the search and targeted searches for facebook, is the narrow pass
Tweet certainly among the search results.
But do not overdo it with the hashtag but specifically in this set
Your tweets one.
Dirty tricks:
Below are a few "dirty tricks" that I would call you, but
of which you should refrain as far as possible. Why?
Well, now there are a few websites that allow followers to get.
Although this may at first listen tempting, but has a
distinct disadvantage. You push your followers with these services - that may well good
look if you have 500 or more times just followers. BUT, we want to specifically
Follower build, with people who will be interested in your product or service!.

Nice to know - Twitter links: - is a service that allows you to query Twitter users. It is the
Name into the search box and gets a moment later, information about the
Twitterers. How many other twitterers who follow, how many followers he has, the
recently used hashtags and last theme keywords.
Twitter is also becoming increasingly popular in Germany and the number of users increases steadily
at. Even celebrities are increasingly using the microblogging service is about to
to report themselves. Actors, singers, and even the President of the United States
twitters. Especially with the celebrities Follower's go quickly into the millions.
With you can view a summary of the Twitter users
are well sorted in categories. One can after various given
Tags select, want to see what kind of Twitter users and more than one
The search function you can look after your own tags. Mainly there are
English language course Twitterers, if you but good for search tags
used can also be found German Twitter users. You can also refer to themselves
Enter the list, leave if it is believed that his own side
has to offer interesting content. Try it simple.
Dirty Tricks II:
As already mentioned above, there are now some services on the Internet, the
promise to increase the number of followers. The service works relatively easy
and simple. You log on with their data on the services and receives a list
registered user, which you can now follow themselves. If done in sufficient
Amount you will make yourself a part of the list and other Twitter users to follow a
It may look pretty and certainly strengthens the self-confidence, but
will be obtained in this manner, no or very few followers, a
have genuine interest in their own tweets.
One of these sites is You can register with the
Twitter credentials. The service itself is free and you get quite
quickly to followers. If you want to invest a few bucks, you can even
can make to the VIP. VIP means in the event that all new users to follow the VIP
MUST. I.e. you get paid, of course, a lot of followers.

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