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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Get Monster amounts of traffic to your website or page!

Monster Traffic Guide

I see it happen all the time. People enter the world of online marketing and set up a website, put their offers up, and then…nothing. No results. A website without traffic is like a shopping mall in the middle of the ocean. The good thing is that generating web traffic isn’t that difficult. In fact using one of the techniques in this report, you could send 5,000 visitors to your website tonight. Sounds great right? Shame on you. We obviously need to have a talk about quality of traffic. Too many people talk about traffic generation like it’s a one size fits all deal, but it’s not. Your target audience will be different than my target audience. And how we reach that audience will be totally different. If I use the wrong traffic techniques I may get thousands of visitors but my conversions will be 0%. So that’s something I want you to keep in mind while reading this report. Look at each method and ask yourself, “Can I reach my target audience using this method?” Do that and when you can answer “Yes” apply yourself to using that method. Immerse yourself in your business and don’t stop until you see results.

#1- Search Engine Optimization
Most people find websites through search engines, which is why Google is the number 1 visited website in the world according to Search engine optimization has two main advantages: 1) the traffic is free and 2) the traffic can be highly relevant depending on the keywords visitors use to find your site. Your website needs to be optimized for targeted keywords in order for people to find it when they use search engines. Let’s say your website is about hotels in Chicago. You would want your website to be optimized for the keywords “hotels in Chicago”, “Chicago hotels”, and other relevant keywords. Hopefully you already know that though ;)
So search engine optimization starts with keyword selection. For keyword research I use the Google Keyword Tool. Using this tool you want to find keywords that are relevant to your niche topic, but at the same time don’t have too much competition. If you target a keyword that has a lot of competition, say “auctions” for example, it will take you a lot of time and money to rank for that keyword. Side Note: I worked with a company and we were able to get on the first page of Google for “auctions”. It wasn’t easy; the owner of the website invested thousands of dollars in order to build enough backlinks.
How to optimize your website for search engines is a topic that can take up an entire ebook alone, if you’d like to learn more about it check out my blog post: Is Your Website Search Engine Friendly?
You can also run your website through WooRank to find out if you have any technical issues preventing you from ranking higher.

#2- Social Media
Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ can drive tons of traffic to your site, especially if you provide quality content. From my experience social media traffic converts very well because the people that click your links also interact with you. So they are more likely to sign up to your email list rather than random strangers that never heard of you. To get started with social media you first need to decide which networks are worth your time. This will be different for everyone and depends on who your target audience is. For example if you’re targeting small business owners then LinkedIn would be the best choice. If you’re selling info products in the dating niche Twitter and Facebook would be better choices. My favorite social network is Twitter and as the time I’m writing this I have about 25,000 Twitter followers. The key is to provide good content on a daily basis, interact with people as much as you can, and follow people that are interested in your niche.
I find people interested in my niche by finding people similar to myself, people that post about online marketing. Once I find these people I start following everyone that follows them. About half follow me back, and after a week I unfollow those that didn’t follow me back using ManageFlitter. Personally I haven’t done a lot with Facebook but I’ve had clients that swear by it. One of my bigger clients spent about $100/day on Facebook ads for a couple months and had some good results. I’ve also talked to other marketers that were able to grow huge followings on Facebook without paying for ads. Your success on social media really comes down to the quality of content you post, the amount of interaction between you and your followers, and your consistency. So I recommend starting out small and only focusing on one or two networks. Once you start getting consistent traffic you can then branch out to other networks if you choose to.

#3- Video Marketing
YouTube is the 3rd most visited website in the world right behind Facebook. So it’s no secret that video marketing has huge potential in terms of driving traffic to your website. Personally it’s one of my favorite traffic sources because it’s easy to rank videos for keywords, and most other marketers are too lazy to put in the work.
There are many ways to use video to drive traffic to your site. One way is ranking videos for your keywords, both on Google and within YouTube itself. I wrote about the specific strategy I use here- How to Get Thousands of YouTube Views Fast. Video also works great when you want to share content to your audience. Video usually has more ‘viral capabilities’ and gets shared across social networks more than text alone. I recommend creating instructional videos or review videos and sharing them on your website, social media networks, and email list whenever you want to lead your followers to another website (affiliate offer for example) without direct linking. Many ‘internet marketers’ create low-quality videos and spam them all over the place, focusing on quantity instead of quality. This may work short term but it will do more harm than good to your brand image. Also it will be a waste of time because those videos will eventually be deleted. Instead, if you plan to incorporate video into you marketing strategy make sure you create high quality videos.
#4- Guest Blogging
Guest blogging can send you laser targeted traffic, give you one way backlinks, and increase your market exposure all for free. All you need to do is contact blog owners and provide them with quality content. This isn’t hard to do because many blog owners are looking for new and fresh content due to the increasing demands of search engines.

To find blog owners willing to accept guest posts you can try the following Google search strings: “Your niche keyword” + “guest blog” “Your niche keyword” + “submit a guest post” “Your niche keyword” + “looking for contributors” “Your niche keyword” + “looking for writers” “Your niche keyword” + “submit a post” Look through the results and read what the blog owners are looking for. If you fit their requirements contact them and let them know you want to submit a guest post, they will have their contact information on the page. You can also find guest blogging opportunities on these two website:
#5- Document Sharing Sites
Document sharing sites allow you to upload documents in various formats, like .doc and .pdf for example. Many of these sites were created for sharing documents with family and friends but they have grown to become very big websites and get a lot of incoming links. Many document sharing sites have high PageRank and often rank on Google for competitive search terms. So document sharing sites present a unique opportunity for ranking for your targeted keywords. Keep in mind though that article directories used to present the same opportunity and then Google ‘demoted’ them and now you rarely see an article directory link on the first page of Google. So I don’t recommend spending too much time with document sites, or at least don’t rely on them for long-term traffic.
Instead I recommend using them as a supplemental source of traffic. The best part is that you don’t have to create new content for these sites; you can repurpose your articles into PDF’s, include a link back to your site, and upload them. Simple as that. Here’s a list of popular document sharing sites:
More here- Top 29 Document Sharing Sites
#6- Forum Marketing
If done right, forum marketing can be a huge source of targeted traffic. If you have read other traffic building strategy reports (and who hasn’t) you’ve probably noticed that some people swear by forum marketing and others say it’s not worth the time. Why is this? It’s because forum marketing is hard to do (right). Too many people try to ‘trick the system’ and get traffic in exchange for very little effort. They sign up to relevant forums and start spamming their links all over the place. If you do this I can guarantee you it will be a waste of time. Not only will your posts be deleted, but you’ll be hurting your own reputation and credibility. Instead forum marketing works best when you provide value to the forums you post in. This is a fundamental principal you should live by with all of your marketing activities, you need to add value if you want to get any value out of you efforts. To get started with forum marketing you first need to find high traffic forums in your niche. You can do this by typing the following search strings into Google: Inurl:forum “your niche keyword” “your niche keyword” + “forum”

Or you can just search on Big Boards. You want to find a forum with a lot of active members, and not so strict policies on signature links and linking to external websites. Most forums do have rules that are in place to prevent spammers, but if the forum is so strict that you can’t link to your site (even in your signature) then you should move on to the next one. Once you find a forum you should sign up, fill out your profile 100%, and upload a photo of yourself for your display picture. I recommend using a professional looking photo of your face or upper body to face. Using a photo of yourself will increase the trust you gain from fellow forum members. You should also put a link to your website in your signature, along with a specific call to action like: “Get my 21 Traffic Sources guide ($47 value) for free here” Next you want to start participating in discussions. Your main goal should be to add value to the forum. You can do this by answering questions and providing relevant information that will help forum members. After a while people will start to see you as an expert in your niche and will be more likely to visit your website. You may also be able to start ‘getting away’ with linking to your website, as long as you’re providing value. For example you could share part one informative article, and at the bottom write “you can read part two here” and link to part two on your website. Many forums also provide advertising opportunities so it’s a good idea to check those out. If there’s no advertising information you could email the forum owner and make them an offer.
#7- Affiliate Marketing
You have probably heard of affiliate marketing and you may even make money with it. Most people start out with affiliate marketing when they get started with the whole ‘make money online’ thing. Affiliate marketing is where someone has a product or service and affiliates sell it in exchange for a commission.

The real winners here are the product /service owners. If you can get affiliates to handle all the marketing and traffic you can focus on your sales funnel and customer service. With affiliate marketing you can reach even more people than you could with other traffic methods, because many affiliates have email subscriber lists they’ve built over time. Having affiliates promote your stuff sounds great but it can be very hard to recruit affiliates. First you need a solid offer, your product should be top quality and your sales page should convert like crazy. In most cases (especially if you’re selling info products) you should offer 50%-100% commissions. Offering 100% commissions may sound crazy but you need to think long-term. If you offer 100% commissions on the front end you could always offer an upsell and make money off of that. You will also build an email subscriber list of buyers which you can promote to indefinitely. Here are some affiliate networks where you can learn more:
Simple One Click
Warrior Plus If you choose to take the affiliate route make sure you can recruit affiliates. You can do this by networking and becoming friends with affiliate marketers, and also make your offer so good that no one can refuse it. Provide your affiliates with swipe emails, banner ads, and keyword lists. You may also need to drive traffic to your offers at first to get the EPC’s high enough to attract affiliates.

#8- Podcasts
When most people think of podcasts they think of professionally produced talk shows with expert interviews. But the truth is many popular podcasts are started as a one-man (or woman) show. In fact you can create a podcast just by reading your published articles into a microphone. It only takes a few extra minutes and it could easily double the traffic you gain from your content. Publishing a podcast isn’t as difficult as you may think either. There are many free podcast directories where you can upload your audio and make it available to thousands of listeners instantly. Here are some directories and services to check out:
How to Publish a Podcast on iTunes
#9- Article Marketing
Traditional article marketing is dead (the kind where you blast your article to hundreds of directories for the backlinks). This is because Google has made updates to their algorithm and article directories have very little PageRank now.
But article marketing can be very effective if your goal is to get your articles syndicated onto other websites. It works like this- you publish your article to EzineArticles or other article directories. Website owners that need content for their websites search those article directories, find your article, and publish it to their websites. Now you get backlinks from various sites as well as traffic from people clicking your links in your author bio.
The best part about article marketing (in my opinion) is that you don’t need to publish unique content. You can take articles already published on your website and upload them to article directories. So it doesn’t require a lot of time and the benefits are definitely worth it if you provide good quality content.
#10- Ezine Advertising
Ezine advertising is one of the fastest ways to get targeted traffic to your offer. Ezines are a form of online newsletters, where website owners use them to keep in touch and build a relationship with their subscribers. Ezine advertising has been around for a while yet it remains a highly effective method for driving traffic to your website and getting your offer seen by hundreds of quality prospects. To get the most out of ezine advertising here are a few tips to follow: Look for ezines that are targeted to your niche. The more specific and relevant the better. In general stay away from sponsor ads or classified ads, you’ll get the best response with solo ads. Write great email copy! Use an attention-grabbing headline, make the body of your email engaging, and include a strong call to action. Track your ads carefully and focus on the ones that bring the best results.
You can find ezine advertising opportunities by typing the following search strings into Google: “your niche keywords” + “ezine” “your niche keywords” + “newsletter” You can also find ezine advertising opportunities at these two sites:
The Ezine Directory

#11- Press Releases
Press releases are a widely misused traffic source. Like many other traffic methods, people have spammed press release sites making them less effective. But even so, you can still generate a lot of traffic from press release sites if you use them correctly. First you should understand the purpose of a press release. The definition of a press release is “An official statement issued to newspapers giving information on a particular matter.” The particular matter may be announcing the opening of your company, introducing a new product, notify people of an event, or anything else you might deem news worthy. People use press releases for a few different reasons; some use them to gain backlinks. Some use them as article directories and just push their stuff out there, thinking the more they publish the more exposure they’ll get. In my opinion the two best things that can happen are: Get featured on Google News Get featured in a real news story (print, tv. or radio).
If you can get one of those two things to happen you can expect a ton of traffic to your website. So whenever I write a press release I keep those things in mind and I write as if it would be picked up as a news story. And if it doesn’t, the backlinks and extra traffic doesn’t hurt ;)
If you want to incorporate press releases into your traffic strategy I recommend this article- How to Write a Press Release. Here are some free press release sites:
#12- Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Pay-Per-Click or PPC advertising is advertising where you pay each time someone clicks your advertisement. Usually prices range from $0.10-$5.00 per click. The biggest PPC network is Google but Yahoo and Bing also offer PPC advertising, along with many other lesser-known networks. With PPC advertising you choose which keywords you want to show up for, say “Weight loss guide” for example. Each time someone types in “weight loss guide” into Google your ad shows up (if you’re the highest bidder and have a good quality score). PPC also involves networks of websites. Let’s use Google as an example. Many website owners have Google Adsense installed on their websites. Whenever someone visits their site relevant ads appear, and if someone clicks on an ad the advertiser has to pay for that click. How to do PPC advertising can take up a whole book of its own.

#13- Banner Advertising
Banner advertising is one of the oldest methods of online advertising, and many believe it has lost its effectiveness. In many cases this is true; you can’t just slap up any banner on a website and drive traffic these days. Instead banner advertising has evolved and there is more copywriting and design involved. Some banners grab attention with flashy animations, while others blend in and look more like text search results. The effectiveness of banners really depends on the target audience and the website they’re displayed on. Banner advertising can be done a few different ways. First, you can contact website owners directly and see if they offer ad space. Some will charge monthly, some will charge per year, and some will charge a one-time lifetime fee. There are also banner advertising networks, both free and paid. Free networks work as exchanges, meaning you put up a banner on your site and someone else will put yours up on their site. You can also do banner advertising through PPC networks like Google.
Also if you want to find free banner exchange networks, try the following Google search strings: “traffic” banner advertising “free” banner advertising “banner” “exchange network”

#14- Classified Ads
Classified ads have lost their effectiveness because of spammers. Now people don’t trust everything they see on classified ad sites. If you are honest and have valuable offers then classifieds can still work, and many people still use them to drive huge amounts of traffic. The most popular classified sites are:
AdtoAd You can find others by typing “classified ad sites” into Google. Personally I’ve had the most success with Craigslist, followed by USFreeAds. The trick is to provide something for free, whether it’s an information product in exchange for an opt-in or a free beverage at your restaurant. Every business has something they can give away and doing so will get new customers to try out your product/service and see what you have to offer. I’ve also seen more success with classified ads when I include images. The best click-thru response was when I had an ad with a picture of a YouTube video; it looked like the video was embedded in the ad. But when people clicked on the image it took them to my website where the video would automatically start playing.
#15- Solo Ads
Solo ads are similar to ezine advertising, but with ezine advertising your ads will usually appear inside a newsletter. Solo ads on the other hand only contain your advertising message when it’s sent out to subscribers. So instead of seeing a newsletter and multiple ads, subscribers will only read your message.

If you have money to spend solo ads can be one of the most effective traffic sources, and many online marketing gurus claim solo ads are the best strategy for traffic. The reason is because you can find email lists where the subscribers are your perfect target audience, and they have shown interest in receiving more information about your niche by subscribing. As with any form of paid traffic, you need to know your numbers. You need to know how much each subscriber is worth to you. You also need to know the numbers of the email list you send a solo ad to. What is the open rate and how many clicks does each mailing get on average? With that information you can take the average click through rate each mailing gets, compare that to your squeeze page conversion rate, and then multiply that number by your average revenue per subscriber. Let’s say the number you get is $1,000 for example, and the solo ad costs $500, then you can be confident the solo ad will be a good investment.

#16- JV Swaps
JV Swaps are similar to solo ads only instead of paying a list owner to email your message to his/her subscribers you both mail each other’s offers to your lists. So it’s an even exchange basically and there’s no monetary exchange. In many cases one list owner has more subscribers than the other but you can still do an even JV swap in that case. Say you have 1,000 subscribers and another list owner has 3,000. You could make a deal where you send out his/her message 3 times and they send out your message 1 time. Or they could send out your message to 1,000 of their subscribers instead of the full 3,000.

#17- Pay With a Tweet
This is a cool little technique that I’ve used a couple times. Using this technique will give you viral potential if you have a good offer.
Pay With A Tweet is a free service which allows you to set up a ‘payment button’ on your website where visitors can pay with a post on Facebook or Twitter. So in exchange for a product or service they post your message to their Twitter or Facebook account. Pretty cool hey? Let’s say you offer a free guide on how to lose weight, you drive traffic to a page where people can download the free guide but first they need to ‘pay with a tweet’ so your message gets sent to their Twitter or Facebook account. Then a couple of their followers/friends do the same and it branches out from there.
#18- Blog Commenting
Blog commenting used to be part of my traffic strategy but not anymore. To me the time investment isn’t worth the results. But many internet marketers claim to get good results from blog commenting so I wanted to include it in this report. Blog commenting works like this- you comment on a relevant blog post. Most blogs let you enter your name, email, website URL, and comment. Your name will automatically be linked to your website. So when someone reads your comment they can click on your name to visit your site. Sometimes you can also get away with including your URL in the comment itself.

To get the best results you should focus on high-traffic relevant sites. I’ve heard of people getting hundreds of clicks just from one well-timed comment. If you can be the first comment on a very high-traffic site’s blog post you may receive a bunch of traffic, but it’s very hard to be the first comment on these high-traffic sites. One way you could do it is subscribe to the high-traffic blogs by email. Then as soon as you receive a notification of a new blog post, quickly go to the blog and skim through the post and write a comment. Blog commenting also works best when your comments are well-thought out and provide value to the post itself. You should try to write a comment that compliments the blog post. Blog commenting is also a great way to build relationships with bloggers in your niche. If you always comment on their posts they will get to know you and it may lead to other opportunities, such as guest blogging or a JV swap.
#19- Social Bookmarking
There are two techniques for using social bookmarking as a traffic generation tool. First there’s the obvious backlinks you gain from social bookmark links. From my experience social bookmarking can provide quality backlinks, I use them for new content and it gets that content indexed very quickly. I especially use social bookmarking whenever I publish a new video or blog post. I start off with social media links and then get about 5-20 social bookmarking links. This will get you to the front page of Google very quickly if the keywords are not competitive. Social bookmarking can be even more effective if you focus on one or two networks and build a following. For example you could spend months on Reditt and connect with as many people as you can, bookmark top quality content, comment on other people’s bookmarks, etc. and after a couple months you’ll be able to publish new content and it will get a bunch of hits very quickly.

If you go that route though you have to bookmark quality stories and you can’t bookmark your own content often. Once a month is enough, anymore than that and you’ll get flagged and all your efforts will be washed down the drain.

#20- High-Profile Content Syndication
High-profile content syndication is similar to guest blogging and article marketing but the difference is your content gets published on authority sites in your niche. Think or (if you’re in the Internet Marketing niche). Sites like these can send thousands of visitors to your website and also give you high quality backlinks. To publish your content on high-profile websites you will need to provide top-quality content. Many of these sites also check out your previous work online so it’s a good idea to start out small and work your way up. Once you have a few articles published on other people’s blogs then you should consider trying to write for a high-profile site.

#21- Traffic Exchanges
Last and also least is traffic exchanges. Just kidding, well sort of.

Many people have success with traffic exchanges. They have been around for a long time and wouldn’t have lasted if they didn’t work. Basically a traffic exchange is a network of marketers looking to get quick traffic to their websites. You visit someone’s website and get a credit and then you give away that credit for someone to visit your website. Most people on traffic exchanges are there for the credits, they want to drive traffic to their own websites. So the traffic converts lower for that reason alone. But if you can offer something they’re interested in you will get results. For example you could offer a free report on “How to Get Better Quality Traffic for Free” and you should get some opt-ins. It’s basic marketing, the people on traffic exchanges are a specific target audience. If you can create an offer that appeals to that target audience and use the right approach you will see results.
If you try out traffic exchanges I recommend using EasyHits4U.

Hopefully you picked up a few ideas in this report. If you didn’t and you already knew everything let me ask you this: Why are you reading a traffic generation report? You see I used do the same thing. I spent my time learning instead of doing. Once you know how to drive traffic there’s not much else you can learn about the topic. It’s not like copywriting. Sure a new website (like Pinterest for example) will come around and present new opportunities now and then, and if you already have loads of traffic then by all means stay on the lookout for new methods. But I have a feeling you don’t have loads of traffic yet. No problem, there’s an easy fix for that. It’s called work. Now get to it!

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