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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The most complete traffic and list building Guide

These are honestly the best and easiest ways to get
real traffic that actually work. I know this because
these methods are what I use to drive floods of
targeted paying customers to my sites every day.
I want to put an end to an old myth right now. You
do not need Millions of viewers a month. If you are
new and you see an ad offering this. Well….. Run! I
don’t care if it’s only $2. Stop being cheap, and
wasting hundreds in useless traffic!
Most new people get stuck in this cycle of money
wasting. You think if you are going to spend $300
you may as well do it on a massive amount of
traffic.  I suggest you learn the basics and some
really cool quick cheaper tricks like the ones in this guide and start spending your money on the right
types of “Targeted” traffic.
You need real people who actually want what you
have to offer. When you have your target down you
get high quality leads that buy your stuff.
This is when traffic starts paying for itself. Not
coming out of your 9 to 5 income which you happen
to need all of anyways. As of right now that is.
I believe if you read on you will change that. The
methods I have put in here are only ones that I
know work. I have a family and I know what it’s like.
So let’s put your money to good use.
Lastly If you see some methods in here that you
have seen before and “they don’t work”. Well… I am going to have to call Bullshit on this one. All of
these methods work and work well. I know this for a
I don’t use screenshots because you can go Google
them and you will find whatever you need. Paypal,
ClickBank, Analytics, You name it and you can find
   Instead I offer you 30 days. I have even laid it out
starting with the fastest and cheapest ways to the
longer free and paid methods.
This way I know that you will be seeing at least 1000
to 3000 viewers a month that will open your emails,
return to your site and buy your shit….. Just kidding.
I know that you only produce the finest digital
wares on the  planet :  )
This way I know that you win. You finally get a
product that works, is easy to follow and grows you
in your business. Not to mention the screamin’ deal you got on it. ; ) If you apply these methods and
actually do them as described and you don’t get
Traffic. All you did was spend a half an hour.
Now let’s cut the shit and get to it!!!!!!
           We will start with forum
I want to say that most people use this all wrong.
They run around saying stupid shit that helps
nobody and then they wonder why no one clicks on
their signature. These same people will tell you that there are too
many people on forums for this to work…… That is
the point. You just have to make more of an effort
than 75% of the people on any given forum to
create a mini following that loves you and pays for
the things you sell. That’s Not hard by the way. It is
really very easy.
Warrior Forum, and Forum marketing in
general. (Yes there are other forums out there)
             See the list below this section
                    For the best forums I have done videos click the link below for the
forum marketing videos.

If you are not yet a warrior then we need to
make you one. The is a place
where people like you are seeking out ways to
earn an income online.
So we can get free traffic out the ass.  So this is
free traffic, but you really need to upgrade in all
forums so you have full access to all the

They cost money because they work! Start with
the Warrior forum as we all know this one and
you all already know your way around. Once you start seeing results and making some
money then add a new forum and repeat the
whole process.
Okay. Now that you are a member head over
the WSO section find the best product and PM
the person selling it. Simply ask to become an
affiliate for them. (the easy way Get WSO pro)
Get your link and go to your Warrior forum
profile settings and add your signature. It must
be clever and enticing.  Something like…
    *****My Dog Answers My Phone****
           >>>Don’t Believe Me<<<
            ***Click Here for Proof****Link it to your aff link from the WSO and start
posting. This can also be done with your
squeeze page or website. Now get out there
and post like a mutha F###er!!!
           Important note
Don’t Post one line
useless shit!!! It is a
waste of your time and
effort. Not to mention
you can get banned for
it and no one likes it.Now simply post comments and become
interactive this will cause clicks on your
signature. 15 minutes a day and you will see at
least 1500 people a month If you say cool stuff.
Do this on 3 forums and you have at least 4000
targeted viewers a month if not 10,000!
Next up use your Blog
This is quite possibly the most underrated form
of traffic on forums. People read blogs and
articles on the forum. We are there to make
money, help, and learn. So is everyone else !!!!This is so simple. Head over to and
buy 2000 PLR articles. Copy and paste on to
your blog. Read it first and make sure it is
good. If it helps you, it will help other people.
When you help other people for free they like
you instantly. Add your link to your site at the
bottom and an image to catch their eye.
If you doubt me on this one visit bilkat19 and
cruse through my blog on the warrior forum.
Okay so take all that and ad this trick and you
have the 15 minute a day method.
Head to the section on the warrior forum
marked “MAKE MONEY” this is for free eBooks
and no squeeze pages. How will that help us
get leads out of this free traffic! Well we are going to add our free offer PDF file to our
DELETED. Now that we have that out of the
way we will add our opt-in box on the side of
the page.
The title above the opt-in box should be along
the lines of this. I hope you love this free guide.
To get more weekly tips like this (arrow
pointing to box) sign-up.Simple but it is good for converting an extra
100 or so leads a month and gets good traffic.

As I said at the beginning of this guide, 3000
viewers a month of free traffic.
Forums list
Start with those and let me know when you need more.
******Remember the system is the same on all forums. Some
titles of sections are different but look for the same type of
threads**********Next method:
YouTube Competitor ranking.
  No matter what business you are in videos are
a must and easy to rank with. People like to see
who they are buying from. Not to mention the
phycology of seeing someone on TV. We all
know that making a video is easy. That is not
the point!
The point is people will be staring at you with
their free time and that makes you an authority in their mind. They don’t even give it a thought.
You might, but they don’t. Simple but true.
Okay so now that we know how great of a tool
this is. We need traffic to this video.
There are some simple ways to make this
The first is tag copying. We are going to rank
with the big boys and show up in their sidebar.
That simple!
So to make this happen, all you need to do is
find a video in your niche that gets massive
traffic. Click on the more info tab below the
video and copy the tags. Then add those same
tags to your video. Do not add more tags as
that will defeat the purpose of this. Then simply
go and title your video the same as the one we are trying to rank beside. I like to add #2 to my
video title. It leads people to believe that it is
the second part. So a clear link under your
video to learn more and direct them to
whatever offer you want them to go to.
You can also do this by using the Google
keyword tool. Simply type in your keyword and
find the list with middle of the road views, and
ad that title to your video, and off you go.
   YouTube Video Responses
I cannot believe how many people don’t utilize
this YouTube feature. You have the ability to
respond in video form to your competition’s videos. So Find a high ranking video in your
niche and upload a video response. Some
people don’t allow this. If this happens to you
move on to the next one. Do this as many times
as you would like and watch the views roll in. I
know that all this sounds super simple. It is.
Traffic is thinking outside of the box.Solo ads
This is where you will be buying a spot on
someone’s list. They will guarantee that you get
a certain number of clicks to your website. The
cool part is that the list is verified and in your
niche so the targeting has been done for you.
When it comes to paid traffic this is one of the
best ROI’s you can get.
You have no need to set up and monitor
anything just send people to where you want
them to go and Watch it all happen. Your
I like safe All the lists are
verified and people rate the services offered. Quick tip with safe swaps: Use people who
offer less clicks but use more of them. You will
get way more for your dollar than just going to
the bulk sellers.
I know it seems backwards but it works for me
and that means it will work for you. The key to
having your ad convert is to offer free stuff.
Free to get them to sign up is great, but let’s
also think about list retention. Make sure that
your free stuff is of really good content or you
will lose most of your list.  Also use a video
squeeze page. Make the video yourself.
Don’t Ramble! Quick, to the point, and
Tell them what they will get and why they want
it. Very simple! You will get better as you go.I want to quickly mention that if you have got a
squeeze page and don’t know how to make one
CLICK HERE and see my video that will show
you how to do all of this.
Ad Swaps
Ad swaps are where you send out an ad to your
list promoting someone else’s squeeze page or offer and then someone else does the same for
you to their list. is again the place I am going to
suggest to you as they take care of these 2
methods for you and it can be your paid traffic
Article Marketing: Yes Again….
This is one of the most
powerful methods online and it
is free to do.
So start doing it.
It is boring and takes a while but it works. I am
super lazy and hate this method but I know how valuable it is so I pay someone else to do it
for me. However I will walk you through it.
Article marketing
The demand for quality content online never
ceases. Smart webmasters realize that by
providing this quality content and giving
permission for other webmasters to republish
their articles results in an excellent opportunity
to expose their website to their target
Each article that you write and distribute gives
you the chance to plug your site or newsletter
in the about the author section. You can
typically link directly to your site, and
sometimes even can use HTML and link your
primary keywords in the anchor text. This gives
you some nice, relevant backlinks. Its not
uncommon to receive thousands of unique backlinks for each article submitted, as over
time your article will continue to be picked up
for redistribution by other webmasters. That's
why article marketing is so popular, its a
winning situation all around. Other webmasters
can add your quality articles to their sites for
free, and you get exposure and links. Everybody
is happy.
But I cant Write!
Writing a good article is actually surprisingly
easy, especially if you are already an expert on
your topic. Articles only need to be about 300 -
500 words, and be well written and without
spelling and grammatical errors. Even if you are
trying to write about a topic that you are not as
familiar with, you have options.
Many webmasters outsource the creation of
articles. If you visit any web freelance site, such as, you can usually find someone to
write articles for you on any topic for between
$10 to $40 per article. As with anything, buyer
beware. Its best to give a prospective writer a
small assignment first of only a few article to
get a feel for the quality of their writing.
Remember, the articles that you submit are
representing you and your website. Quality
How and Where to Submit Articles?
So, you have written your article, checked it for
spelling and grammar and its ready to
what? You need to distribute your article to
Article Directories, Article Announcement Lists
and you can even submit your article directly to
industry specific sites.
Many article marketers find that using an
article submission software can speed up the time it takes to submit your articles. Article
submission software also can help with the
"where do I submit to?" question as well. The
article submission sites and announcement lists
come pre loaded with directories and other
sites that accept submissions. You can also add
your own sites to the list. I highly recommend
using an article submission software package to
submit your articles. The time savings alone is
substantial. Personally, I use the article
submission software to submit to the "basic"
directories & portals. Then, I go to Google and
type in my topic and "submit article". Usually, I
will have tens or even hundreds more sites that
cater specifically to the niche I am promoting. I
then submit to those niche sites as well. This
technique is not something I see being widely
done, however, so there's a good tip for you!The traffic from articles submitted to niche
sites as well as the directories is substantially
higher than the traffic from articles submitted
to directories alone.
There you have it. Marketing your website with
articles is a great way to get traffic, links and
expose your website to new visitors. Its easier
than it sounds, even for those that think they
cant write. Just try it! Chances are you will be
adding Article marketing to your standard
internet marketing box of tricks.
Head here for the best list of E-zine’s to market
Solo ads Ezine stylePlease don’t ignore this one as it is so powerful
and effective that you will love it. This is where
you will go to an ezine that matches your target
market and post ads directed to your squeeze
page. Very simple and effective way to get
massive traffic to your website.
The above link is a guide that will allow you to
find ezines in your niche, how many subscribers
they have and how much they will cost to place
an add. This method is extremely effective and
will bring you huge traffic and as long as you
are going after your target market you will also
see high ROI. High ranking websites
this will involve research but it is easy and high
converting so do the research. You will be
searching websites that rank high in your niche.
Top 5 and simply advertising on their site with
whichever ad suits your budget. To do this type
in your niche’s keyword search right into
Google and see what comes up. Visit the top
five and see how their sites look. Then scroll
right down to the bottom and find the
advertising tab in the footer and click on it.ThisThis trick will save you a ton of money so
pay close attention.
Go to  and check out
how much traffic they get. MAKE SURE YOU SEE
relationship advice usually doesn’t go over well
in countries where men are the best and
women are not…… (Not targeted) So stick to
countries that will love your product.
Most people seem to know this one these days,
but for those who don’t it is like a goldmine
that will spark their interest and get them
excited again.
You will again keeping with the free method.
Put out some really good free content. All they
need to do to get this info is give you their
email. If your product sucks and you wouldn’t read it; Expect many of your new sign-ups to
opt-out just as quick as they opted in.
It really is a simple method that leads to great
results and quick affiliate sales soon after.
Pay per View
This is not Google PPC so don’t run away
screaming and hiding your wallets and purses.
You will be bidding on exit pop-ups from your
competitors URL’S. This is not my deal but I
know that it is out there and that many people
are getting super cheap leads and decent
conversions with it so I thought I would trough
it out there. To learn more go here
Lead BarteringSo we will be going to anyone who is in the
product launch business. You will offer them
your services whatever they may be. You can
help them with all sorts of things. From being
support staff for their product. Or maybe you
are good with graphics and can help them in
that way. Maybe you have a crazy knack with
Twitter and have 1 million people following you
and can give repeated boosts for their product.
I don’t know what you will do but you will find
something. In exchange for doing this you will
be providing an opt-in bonus on their download
page. So the leads are ready to buy and they
only cost you time. Great way to save money
and you get targeted leads that want to buy
what you have to offer.
The DREADED FACEBOOK PPC.Simply put I absolutely love this one. Why.
Because it works, and works well. They are very
tight with the types of ads they approve which
is actually a blessing. Not every spammy
douche can advertise on FB.  You can laser
target your audience better than Google which
means far less wasted dollars. Now there are 2
ways you can use Facebook.
1.) You can get leads straight to your Fan
page and gain serious credibility with your
2.) You can get people who ACTUALLY
want what you have to offer landing on
your squeeze page.No I have given you loads of information and I
know you will be able to use this to drive
massive amounts of traffic to your website. Not
to mention get a ton of leads. Remember if you
need any help you can always visit me on
Facebook or the Warrior forum and I will do all I
can to help you out and get you rolling. I wish
you all the success in the world and can’t wait
to hear your success stories.
Bonus 1 making money Method.
This is one I  know that very few people are
using today. I call it attack!For those of you who don’t know what this is,
and there are a lot of you. Is all
about JV offers. No matter what niche you are
in people are launching products. Why does
this matter?
They tell you about it months in advance. This
means that you can go out buy a domain that is
SEO friendly and get your review site up and
running. I suggest doing all the small stuff and
outsourcing the major SEO stuff to a pro so you
can make sure you have a top 3 listing on
Google when the release day hits.
When most people hear about a product what
do they do? They go see what others are
saying. So if you buy 2 or 3 domains get them
all ranking high and use different pen names
you are golden. This is all about affiliate
commissions and list building.I also like to add an opt-in box that offers more
info on the product. Then on the redirect page
send them to the main sales page.

I hope you have found this very helpful!

thank you.

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